Sunday, May 20, 2012

A hard day of fishing

A note from me first: This is partially a personal fantasy especially all the gear in the story. So the first photo is one of yours truly in a local park and the second is one i got from the internet years ago and it breaks a copyright just let me know and I will remove it

It all stated with a simple phone call. I could not even remember giving Vince my cell number, it must have been at one of the summer Barbeques that the building has been doing for years while he and Kate lived here. I hadn't see or heard from him in more than six months which was normal since he had gotten their new place so I was more than a little surprised.

He wanted to invite me to a fishing trip at a provincial park just outside the city. The funny thing was I never at great fan of fishing and I told him that. I was about to refuse the invite when he suggested that I might use the trip to do some nature photography with lunch and a couple of beers and if we were lucky maybe a “hot mouth bass” at least that is what it sounded like over the noise of a transit bus. I had to admit that Vince was good looking and if I did not know that he had a long time girlfriend he might have been someone i might have gotten together with on a more intimate basis since the one thing i have never hidden was that i was gay. I decided that the trip sounded fun and I really did need a break from all of the office/building politics. The one thing about being a building super other than being on-call 24/7, you never seem to get a break and have some fun.

So, in the end accepted his offer and we arranged the details for the following Sunday morning. He was going to take care of lunch and I was to bring the beverages and a bit of cash for gas. As the week progressed I had to deal with new tenants and their rush to occupy the newly renovated apartment and the contractor to ensure that everything was in place as they moved in. Normally I did not worry about what clothes I had on but this felt different and i started to fret about what i was going to wear on Sunday. The weather decided for me since the forecast showed a warm day with a good chance of rain so as Vince's car pulled up that Sunday morning I was in my green rain suit, a t-shirt and my hiking boots. It was a perfect mix of comfort and protection and as an added benefit it showed off my crotch as well, not that he would have noticed.

As i climbed into the car, I placed my backpack onto the back seats and mumbled a greeting. It wasn't until i strapped in and he had put the car in motion that I noticed what Vince was wearing. Normally he was seen around the building in black track pants and a sweat shirt looked a couple of sizes to big for him. Since he worked from home he wore for comfort and not for fashion. That morning was a bit of a shock since he was wearing form fitting light blue jeans and a t-shirt that wanted to show every curve of his chest with a red insulated vest against the morning chill. Great, now I was going to have concentrate on something other than his crotch which he seemed to be displaying very prominently.

The trip went smoothly with us chatting about mutual friends in the building and those who had recently just moved out west. I kept my eyes on the road ahead or on a map of the park that he passed me showing the various nature trails the park had and where it was legal to fish. Once in the park it took a while to find a free parking spot but we soon discovered that as you hit the nature trail we had selected the park seemed empty which suited me just fine.

Near the rivers edge we found a shaded spot for his sports bag and my backpack. As I looked around to see which direction I wanted to explore and photograph he seemed to be rummaging for something in his sports bag. The next thing I knew he was standing behind me admiring the view and I could almost feel the heat from his body. In one hand a box of lures and in the other a reassembled fishing rod. He had also changed into a pair of hip waders that showed off his tight crotch even better. I let him take the lead so I could catch a glimpse of his denim covered muscled ass and I knew that I had to head off soon or I could have been changed for rape of a straight male. The waders accented the view perfectly causing me to get rock hard almost instantly as I wondered what his ass crack would taste like.

If he noticed the tent in my crotch he did not say but he smiled as we arranged to meet up again around noon for lunch and I headed off into the bush to see what I could photograph half way up a hill I looked back to see Vince ankle deep in the river casting his fishing rod. Over the next few hours I took some images all the while my mind wandered back to Vince and seeing him in just the waders and vest against a tree as I sucked or fucked him. Damn why did he have to be straight.

As noon approached I headed back to the river and lunch with Vince. I now knew I should have worn a jock under the rain pants to help hide my stiff dick but it was too late now and i would just have to bear with it and verbal jabs that came my way. As i appeared from the bush Vince was finishing a cast. When he saw me he reeled in his line and joked “Well its about time you got back” he planted his rod in the sand by the river and headed to the bags to grab lunch and the drinks, I hoped he liked cider.

I found a large rock that we could use as a table I wondered what was taking him so long to grab a couple of sandwiches and the 6 pack. I soon found out thought. He had stripped off his jeans and t-shirt and approached me just as I had imagined him so many times. I could see that his cock was semi hard and looked delicious. Under one arm was the large rain poncho that I always had in my backpack. He ignored my shocked look as he bent over to spread the poncho on the rock giving me a teasing view of his hairy ass crack.

He crouched next to the rock and cracked open a can of the cider, damn i could not take my eyes off his bare crotch. He looked amused as he looked straight at me. Obviously i was missing something but for the life of me I could not figure it out. He opened another can of the cider and passed it to me. He stood in front of me began laughing not at me but at the situation before he let me in on the joke. All I saw was his slowly hardening cock right at eye level. “For some one who knew everything about the building this was one thing I expected you to know by now not that we advertised it. I'm bi and I have been trying to get you into bed for months but there has never been the right moment till now.”

Suddenly it all came home. All of the small comments and hints from him. I took a long drink of cider before responding with an evil smile. “So shall eat or eat each other out first?” as I unzipped my rain jacket. I knew which option I wanted as I became rock hard under the PVC of the rain pants. So did he, as he sat down on the rock next to me with his legs open, unzipped his vest and pulled me close for a long passionate kiss.

Neither of us were in any hurry so we sipped the cider between periods of us exploring each chests with our tongues. I was surprised to find that he had very sensitive nipples and he moaned in pleasure every time that my hand or tongue brushed them even briefly and I loved the feeling of his tongue slowly tasting my sweat in my pits.

With the first cans of cider empty, Vince leaned back to grab another can and I took the chance to lie on top of him even briefly cock to cock before he handed me a new can of cider and I slowly licked my way down to his cock and balls. I could tell that he was enjoying all of the attention my tongue was paying to his low hanging balls from the shivers flowing through him. Seeing this I placed the cold cider can against his ball sack causing his dick to jump and him to moan louder. Then i decided to see how his cock tasted with a mouthful of cold cider which. The sudden chill almost caused him to cum right there so i worked my way back up his chest for another extended kissing session.

As it ended we switched positions and he worked his way down me till he was licking the tent that hard cock was making. He then slowly pulled down my rain pants till the elastic band supported my balls and exposing my hard prick to his hot breath. Then he swallowed my cock in a single motion and used his throat muscles to massage its head. God he really knew how to suck cock. When he came up for air I decided that a change in position was in order so that we both could have fun at the same time. I wanted his cock as much as he wanted mine.

He started to alternate between licking my dick and balls and deep throating me till they were coated in his saliva as I gave his dick the same loving attention. He had me on the edge and I was straining to cum and I think that he was not far behind me but we stopped before that could happen.

I think that we both needed the break so paused our mutual pleasures to eat lunch and drink more of the cider. It gave us time to come back from the edge and talk about many things including a few of our sexual turn-ons. Funnily I was wearing one of his and I admitted that he was wearing one of my top ones as I recalled a video scene I used to jerk off to all too frequently.

As we pack up the trash from lunch and folded the poncho he looked around and remarked, “Well let see if we can make your fantasy scene come true”. He grabbed the last two cans of cider and headed into a thick glade with me quick behind him. He found a spot to spread the poncho, opened the cider cans and waited for me to approach. As he handed me one of the cans and giving me a brief kiss he told me that there was something he wanted me to do. At this point I was ready to do pretty much anything for this stud. He turned bracing himself with a nearby tree and wiggled his but in my direction. I heard him growl “ I want to feel your hot mouth and tongue on my bare ass”.

He said he wanted to catch a “hot mouth on bare ass” and I was more than willing to help him out. I knelt and deeply inhaled a mixture of sweat and his manly scent before I dove into his ass crack with a vengeance. With each flick of my tongue against his rosebud or smack of his hairy ass cheeks, he moaned louder and demanded that I go deeper and harder. As his crack filled with saliva I rubbed my hand along it to ensure it was fully coated with my spit to his enjoyment. He was already hard from this spit bath before I grabbed his cock and nibbled on its head before I gave his hole a final deep plunge with my tongue. As I stood behind him and grabbed a sip of cider my stiff cock rested along his crack and I wondered how this was going to end. If he wanted, I would continue to eat him out as he sucked me off but he seemed to have other ideas.

As he laid down on the poncho he pulled a tube of lube from a vest pocket and placed it next to him before he raised his legs high in the air and demanded that I give his ass a proper reaming with my cock and no he did not want me to use a condom since we were both clean. Normally I would have said no but he had me so turned on I took a long drink of cider before I positioned myself to give him what he wanted and I really wanted to give him the fuck of his life.

I lubed up before I positioned his ankles on my shoulders and slowly feed his ass my hard prick. With my long cock fully in his ass I gave him a moment to get comfortable with me inside him. My first strokes were slow almost tender leaving only the head buried in his hole before slamming back fully in. As I picked up pace his cock oozed pre-cum in spurts as if I was pumping it out of him. I shifted slightly letting his left leg slip and continued to plow his ass and grabbed his cock to slowly stroke it and cover it in his own lube. He was enjoying every moment as he groaned with every pleasurable stroke. He started to play with his nipples to add to the pleasure as I pounded his ass for all it was worth. Before I could blow my load I quickly pulled out of his ass and was going to jerk my load off when he stopped me.

“What are you doing?” he demanded. He got up and braced himself with a nearby tree and waved his ass at me. “ I want to feel your load in me stud not on me. So finish the fuck you started”. I almost saluted him with a “Yes Sir” before I giving him the load he demanded. The change of position gave me the chance to stroke his cock and play with one of his nipples as I remounted his muscled ass. I fucked him with renewed passion grabbing the top of his waders to ensure he felt every inch. As i blew my load deep inside of him his ass tightened around my cock and he blew his own load on the tree before him.

It was a while before I slowly pulled out of his well seeded ass we were both enjoying the warmth of each other. As we finished the ciders and cleaned up, we talked about the possibilities of a repeat encounter or two. As it turned out that was exactly what he wanted and since he now had his own place and we could get together as often as we wanted.

As we drove back to the building I wondered what he would look like in my leathers.